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The Mission of Naperville Township is to provide dedicated, cost effective, high quality public service that is responsive to the needs of our community in the most transparent, easily accessible way possible.

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The Naperville Township is in charge of providing a fair and equitable assessment of your property, providing efficient public services, and maintaining roadway. Below are some commonly asked questions.


Understanding the Assessment Process

The Naperville Township Assessor's Office is charged with providing a fair and equitable appraisal of all the properties within their jurisdiction for tax purposes.


What is the role of the Supervisor?

To act as the executive office of the Township and is leader of the Board of Trustees.

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What are the responsibilities of the Road District?

To maintain the right-of-way of many of the streets in all unincorporated areas.

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In 2024, the next General Election will be held. Register to vote with the help of the Township!

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Learn geographic information about Naperville Township

Naperville Township is located in the Southwest corner of DuPage County, IL; approximately 35 miles west of Chicago. The Township is a 36 square mile area bordered by Kane (Kautz Rd.) and Will (87th St.) Counties to the west and south and by Winfield (Townline Rd.) and Lisle (Washington/Modaff) Townships to the north and east respectively. The Township encompasses parts of the cities of Naperville, Aurora, and Warrenville, and the town of Eola. Currently, Naperville Township has just over 34,000 parcels in its jurisdiction, with a little over $4.06 billion in assessed valuation, or around $12.18 billion in market value.

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The Township publishes all events on our website, including meetings, holidays, and relevant election dates.

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The Township is comprised of three departments: the Assessor's Office, the Supervisor and Town Clerk's Office, and the Road District. In addition, the Town Clerk is the official record keeper of the Township, and there are four Trustees along with the Supervisor to form a five member board to vote on important matters.

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Functions of Illinois Townships

By law, Illinois townships are charged with three basic functions:

  1. General assistance for the indigent
  2. The assessment of real property for the basis of local taxation
  3. Maintenance of all roads and bridges outside federal, state, and other local jurisdiction

Aligned with those services required by law, through the efforts of our elected officials and dedicated employees, our offices provides a wide range of services in order to preserve and enhance the quality of life for all our residents and continue in our mission to assist those in our community.