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Passport Applications

Passport Applications

Naperville Township can assist with your Passport Application. This page will provide you with helpful information to get you started.

Please contact Pete Dixon to schedule an appointment to fullfill your passport application.

630 355 2786


In order to apply for a U.S. Passport on a Form DS 11, you must have one of each of the following:

  1. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization or an Expired Passport (issued in the last 15 years)
    All documents must be certified originals bearing a seal. No photo copies will be accepted.
  2. Valid Photo ID
    State ID or Drivers License both are acceptable forms of identification. ID must include your photo, signature, issue date and expiration date.
  3. Two Identical Passport Photos
    Passport-specific photos are 2"x2" in size. They must be recent, have a clear likeness to the bearer, have a front view, full face, eyes open and without glasses, and have a plain white or light background. Available at the Township for $10.00 for two photos.
  4. Form of Payment
    U.S. Department of State fees may be paid by personal check, money order, or bank draft; made out to U.S. Department of State. Naperville Township fees may be paid by cash or personal check made out to Naperville Township.


When choosing a US Passport, first choose whether you want a Book, a Card, or both. The Book is a booklet-style identification document that can be used for all international travel purposes as well as for proving your identity and citizenship. The Card is a credit-card sized form of a US Passport, but has certain limitations in that it cannot be used for any international air travel or visas.

Adult Passport

Age 16 and older
Regular 10-12 week processing
Payment made out to US Department of State





Children Passport

Age under 16
Regular 10-12 week processing
Payment made out to US Department of State





Execution Fee

Required for each Book or Card
Payment made out to Naperville Township



2 perfectly-sized photos
Payment made out to Naperville Township


Expedited Processing

4-6 week processing
Optional additional fee per application
Payment made out to US Department of State


USPS Overnight Return Delivery

Optional additional fee


: Minors 16 and older must be present to sign application. Children under age 16 must be present and accompanied by both parents.
: If departure is in 2 weeks or less, or the passport is needed in expedited mode for a foreign visa application, visit Travel.State.Gov or call 877.487.2778 for direction and an appointment with the Chicago Passport Agency.


Learn more about the change in passport operations in response to COVID-19.